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The Avengers
Ultron is Coming...
Welcome to the Comm! 
15th-Nov-2011 12:07 pm
Welcome to furys_avengers! This is a comm to celebrate the Marvel movies based on the Avengers’ comics.

We do have some rules though so please read this before posting anything in the comm. If you still have questions, refer them to your friendly neighborhood mods (aka “the Furys”), illfindmyway or shanachie_quill. We’re happy to help you with any questions you have.

Rules of the comm:
1. We are focused on the movies here, not the actors’ general careers or appearances. Posts concerning the actors should exclusively pertain to the Avenger movies.
2. Movie related fanfiction is encouraged (*makes grabby hands*) but please no RPS/F.
3. The following movies are open for discussion, fic’ing, iconing, graphics, and the works:
          a. Iron Man 1
         b. Iron Man 2
         c. Thor
         d. Captain America
         e. The Incredible Hulk (2008)
         f. Avengers 2012
4. Spoilers must be marked as such and behind a cut tag otherwise they will be deleted. Keep in mind that one of your mods is mildly allergic to spoilers (okay not really).

5. Use this header when posting fanfiction. No, seriously. Also, any fan art or graphics that may be considered that of a sensitive nature should also be given a similar header.
b>Timeline/Movie Setting:
b>Author's Note:

6. Download links are not permitted.
7. Absolutely NO bashing of any kind will be permitted. You will be warned and then banned if you are found in violation this rule.

As this community develops, we may need to modify the rules, but we will keep you posted as to any changes we make.

The Furys,
shanachie_quill and
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